Split's Pit Stop: 8 May 2009
May 2009: An Introduction, Coming back into to the Hobby---Welcome to NCHWA.com and to Split's Pit Stop! Here you will find some informative and some not-so-informative columns about the hobby we all cherish. I consider myself to be an aspiring avid collector, although I am not a professional by any means. Most of you have probably forgotten more about this hobby than I currently know. So with that being said, you are probably asking yourself "Why is he writing a column if he doesn't know tons of info on the hobby?"

Answer: I want to help. I remember what it was like as a child to walk into a store and run for the pegs, hoping to find a car that I liked (which, at that time was not a hard to thing to do.) Then the agony of asking mom or dad if I could have it and praying that they said "YES!" followed by getting home (after ripping the blister pack apart on the way) and running my new car down the track to see how fast it was.
I remember the endless summer days at camp, playing in a dirt parking lot that my friends and I had converted to our own small Hot Wheels town. It was complete with hand-scraped roads, buildings and just about anything else that you can imagine.

Then, I grew up, became a teenager and lost interest in Hot Wheels until very recently. I regained my interest this year after my youngest son's 9th birthday. My wife and I took him to Wal-Mart to spend his birthday money, and he went straight for the pegs and asked me to help him pick out some. So, while cruising through the pegs, that old feeling started coming back. I found myself looking for my own Hot Wheels as well as his. That was it, sounds simple enough huh? It was, and that's how it all came back!

Since that fateful day, between myself, my 2 sons and my oldest daughter, we have amassed about 150 Hot Wheels. Some old and some new...from Mainline to hard-to-find...and everything in between. The good part about it all is that my loving wife actually approves of this hobby! (So long as it does not interfere with the bills or putting food on the table.) Not to mention that it is a hobby that the kids and I can do together.

Now, much like NCHWA.com, I find myself coming back to the hobby. Starting fresh and wanting to do things to help and hopefully, maybe make a difference somewhere in this hobby!

With that being said, I have alot of ideas about future columns; I just have to sort them out and do some research. So stop by next month and see what's new. 'Til then, happy hunting and don't forget to go VRRRRRRRRROOOMMMMMMMM< VRRRRRRROOOMMMMMMM when playing with your cars!

~Michael Furr