Hot Wheels Redline Restorations

There was a time where I wouldn't even entertain the thought of tearing up a Redline, regardless of the condition. It just seemed like once you did it, you eliminated the very spirit of the car itself, and all the adventures it had gone through over the years. Let's face it: Beater Redlines aren't without a certain sense of, uh...wonder, to say in the least.

But, some time ago, I picked up a beater Seasider. I didn't have a decent version of this model, so I kept wondering what she'd look like, fixed up. That was that. I busted out the Dremel, the paints and some repro Redline wheels, a repro boat--and I officially had the fever. Now, I make a habit of buying beater Redlines from eBay or toy shows, a) because they're dirt-cheap, and b) it's an absolute BLAST bringing one back to life, and to chronical the process through the before and after pics.

I'll list each project here for you to check out. I'm no pro, by any means, but I think the end result is pretty good. There are more on the way, so keep checking in on this section. My next project is a Gremlin Grinder. So, have some fun, start cuttin' and start restoring!

  • 1970 Redline Seasider (Completed 8/4/2009)