A 2013 series debut, the Pop Culture line replaced the Nostalgia line that ran from 2011-2012. The Pop Culture blister cards are the same size as the Nostalgia cards, and the themes are similar, in that endearing characters/brands over the years are honored with their own Hot Wheels cars! From the HWC.com website:

"When the Hot Wheels brand did a power slide onto the scene back in '68, it burned its way into the hearts and minds of all of us and became popular culture forever. Our Pop Culture series pays tribute to other such phenoms, proving once and for all that Hot Wheels can be linked to anything! After all, who doesn't love cars? It's a part of everyone's life -- and so are these brands."

2013 Pop Culture Guide
2014 Pop Culture Guide
2015 Pop Culture Guide
2016 Pop Culture Guide