Beginning in 1989, Mattel began issuing a new package for the Hot Wheels line, referred to today as "Collector Numbers." It was a simple 1-whatever way to collect, and the process continued into 1999 to number 1,121 before it was started over in 2000. There are some Collector Number cards that were issued prior to 1989, but these are considered Experimental Packs. You can identify them by the little black number in a small black circle. These do command more of a premium than the standard numbers, as they can be difficult to find.

This section is only going to reference numbers 1-274, as number 275 began the 1995 Racing Team Series, which starts coverage in the 1995-Present section of this website.

Note that the NCHWA utilizes a pricing method called "Star Value." Instead of specific dollar values, each car will be assigned a Star Value© to indicate rarity and potential price range. There are simply too many variables to place a "set" value on any model, so a range will be used instead to indicate where that particular model may fall on the secondary price scale. This pricing method is unique to and allows for artificial inhibitors on market conditions such as "secondary buyer-itus" and new releases.

The Star Value chart will be placed at the bottom of each page for easy reference. There will also be a link on each page that will give you the option to print it out.

NOTE: I've added a search engine at the bottom of this page, in the event you're not sure what year a particular model was made. The name MUST be spelled exactly, in order to get a match!


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