Kustom Chop Shop: 18 June 2009

18 June 2009: Lead Sleds & Doing a Basic Wheel Change--- My name is Samuel (HalfAssKustoms). I use that name halfasskustoms for almost everything that has to do with CARS...I'm a car guy. I have had 8 old so far and I have a '62 Caddy now. I like everything old and cars!

The word or name "LEAD SLED" means one thing. When you hear the (word, name) Lead Sled, you should think of a car/truck that looks like it is a big piece of lead sliding down the road. Like a "tail drager". Now the cars that make up a "Lead Sled" are the Chevys, Fords and Mopars from 1945-1954. If it is any other year, it is not a "Lead Sled". What makes it a "Lead Sled?" Well, the cars have to be choped and lowered, with rear fender skirts. Why? If it isn't chopped and lowered with skirts, it won't look like it's "sliding" on the road.
Here are some pics of real cars that are "Lead Sleds":

Now, trucks don't need skirts cuz it's a truck, not a car. Why? Don't know, real trucks just dont......pics......

Now, the tip of the month: Just the basic WHEEL SWAP. NOTE: These are not my pics! They came from another site:

First, look at the rivets.

I start by using a 1/16 drill bit for the pilot hole, then finish it with a 3/16. Skip the 1/16 if drilling a plastic rivet. Work slowly and be careful!

At this point the car should come apart

Next, remove the wheels by cutting the tabs holding the axel in place, if they're plastic. If they're metal, grind them off using a Dremel.

When this is done, you will be able to swap the wheels.

I hope this will help you when you make your own custom HW! Next time, we'll talk about the name "RATROD." Tips and trick will be Painting.

~Samuel Denehy