Kustom Chop Shop: 12 May 2009

12 May 2009: Customizing Terminology--- My name is Samuel (HalfAssKustoms). I use that name halfasskustoms for almost everything that has to do with CARS...I'm a car guy. I have had 8 old so far and I have a '62 Caddy now. I like everything old and cars!

I started doing model cars in 1993 and have never stoped; I love it. And then I went to a car show in SoCal and met JAY HOLT--his stuff was so kool, I had to start making kustom's out of Hot Wheels. I started doing kustoms back in 2007, and have been a member of HWC since '07 as well. Shortly after, we moved to North Carolina, and had a new baby; I hadn't done a model car or HW, until I joined the ECHWC. I hope at the next show you'll see me in some kind of old car.
This column is going to be about customizing Hot Wheels. Anything and everything custom will be talked about and shown how to make your own custom.

But 1st I'm going to talk about the word CUSTOM or KUSTOM. Even though the two words look the same and are pronounced the same, they are two highly different things. Let's start with the 1st one (CUSTOM):

Now, CUSTOM is a word you use when you see a car or anything that isn't "stock" or the way it's supposed to be from the designer that made it first. The whole CUSTOM word came about after W.W.2 when servicemen came back from the war and made Hot Rods out of their 1930's Fords. The cars back then weren't considered CUSTOMS; they were considered Hot Rods, but still they were CUSTOMS.

Now the whole CUSTOM craze came about in the 1980's when the movie AMERCIAN GRAFFITI was released, and ZZ TOP did their rock videos with the 30's Fords in them. And as soon as you saw a CUSTOM car, you know that's what is was; A "CUSTOM"

NOW KUSTOM...that's a bit deferent. KUSTOM came about in the late 90's a little after the "RatRod" did. I'll get to the RatRod next time. KUSTOM is a car that is a mid 50's to mid 60's car/truck that isn't painted with a glossy old reg look to it. Like the ZZ TOP cars and other 80's CUSTOM'S. The KUSTOM car looks like it has some attitude to it. Maybe Kandy painted or primered or not even painted. Just rust all over it.

Basically CUSTOM is a car/truck that is all done and has an old style to it. KUSTOM is a car/truck that doesn't have the look that it's done yet, even though it is. Here are 4 pics of the different styles:

This is CUSTOM

This is a KUSTOM Primer

And this is painted with a Kandy color

So what does all of this have to do with Hot Wheels? Well, if you're going to make a custom HW it would be good to know what kind of HW custom you're going to make. CUSTOM or KUSTOM.

Other topic will be the word RatRod...Lead sled. Thatís just for now. Custom tips and tricks next month!

~Samuel Denehy