The Hot Wheels Garage: 11February 2012

February 11, 2012--Welcome to the first K-Days review of 2012 (and the first article in quite awhile!) What's different from past reviews? Honestly, not much. The crowd was a manageable number of around 12 collectors, but there were only 4 small cases with 2 sub-cases in them. So, a total of 8 cases were made available to "crack" open. I was fortunate enough to have been called up yet again, so my streak is still safe!

Our shipment during the last K-Days in November 2011 provided more hidden $upers than Regular Treasure Hunts, but the script would be reversed during this event; there were a good number of Tyrrell Treasure Hunts, but not a single $uper was found. This shipment should have contained the Challenger, which was definitely one I wanted, but...oh, well! There were a lot of other nice cars to score! The Tyrrell? Meh. I managed to find two of them, and while one will go up on the wall, the other can't get traded fast enough. Not my thing, and definitely the least impressive TH of 2012, so far. I don't know why the things were selling for $12 and up on eBay...guess the "gottahaveitnow-itus" bug is flying around, as usual? :)

Cars that I selected were: 2012 New Models blue ZL1 Camaro (not the painted headlights version..darn!), Ford Falcon, '64 Chevelle and Imparable. For Segments, I picked up the HW Racing Boneshaker. From the K-Mart exclusives, I picked the bright green '69 Cougar (I'm from Rhode Island originally, and Cranston is in RI!) and the purple '68 Cuda. And, of course, the two (yuck) Tyrrell Treasure Hunts. The Cranston Cougar was truly the car I wanted, and I picked up 3 of them. I'll open one to display next to my red Cranston Cougar!

The E-Sheets for the event (pic below) were VERY cool. These were more colorful than the previous VW Bus and Blown Delivery sheets, so they'll display very nicely.

Also, for the first time ever, I was able to acquire the Event Poster (pic below) depicting the green mail-away '55 Chevy Panel. I originally was going to pass on the first mail-in for 2012, but it was passed on at that the metal bike WAS going to be included in this version, so...I'll send my 20 in for this one. I wouldn't have gone for it, if it had been the cheaper, sealed rear hatch version, with no bike.

It was a great turnout, and the same regular faces that are usually in attendance were there. It's always nice to see you guys! For the next event, we're talking about bringing the trade buckets, in order to get rid of some of our extras, so...bring your trade bait with ya! We'll just meet in the parking lot after the event.

Kudos to Mattel and K-Mart for yet another fun and well-run event! Until next month, or the next K-Days...

Neal Giordano Founder/Editor

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