The Hot Wheels Garage: 10 November 2011

November 5, 2011.--Right on the heels of the September K-Days was yet another event, scheduled for November 5th. This seemed to be somewhat of a quick turn-around, compared to past events, but I always look forward to gathering with other collectors, and the chance of getting a crack at some new stuff and exclusives. The event we attended was the store near the N.C. State campus.

The crowd was an absolutely perfect size: 10 collectors in all, with two Master Cases ready for distribution. The manager who usually runs the event wasn't in attendance, so we somewhat ran the event ourselves, sticking to the standard raffle procedure. We all knew we were each going to be able to open up our own case, due to the size of the crowd. This certainly made for a painless event! My number ended up being drawn twice, for two cases.

So, what did we all find? The first car I pulled out was the sharp 2012 Camaro ZL1, followed by the new burgundy COPO Camaro (best one, yet!) I then picked out the K-Days exclusive '49 Merc and Dodge Demon, along with the 2012 New Models BMW and Road Runner. Scanning through the rest of the case produced no Treasure Hunts of any kind, but I did find a couple of the non-$uper '67 Chevelles, which were absolutely SWEET. Awesome paint job on these!

My number was called again, for case #2. I didn't find too many different cars from the first one, but I picked up my 20 total for the Blown Delivery promotion. Again, no Treasure Hunts. This was a definite departure from the last few K-Days events, where pretty much each case that was opened contained at least a Regular Hunt. Not this time. On a good note, buddy who was opening his case next to me scored a $uper '67 Chevelle, and handed it to me, knowing I really wanted one! This was my first up-close look at a new "hidden" $uper TH concept that Mattel invoked for the year 2012, and I was impressed. It's one awesome-looking car! After everything was opened, we went through the free-for-all and picked out what we wanted, then pegged the rest of the cars to give the employees a break. It was the least we could do, to show our appreciation for the event.

All in all, only (1) Ducati Treasure Hunt was found, and a total of (3) $uper Chevelles were scored, out of 12 mini-cases. Those are pretty slim pickings for collectors hoping to score a TH at these events. Apparently, this was a prevalent issue around the country, as collectors immediately chimed in to to vent their frustrations. I won't take sides, because I like the shot at picking up a TH just as much as the next guy, BUT...I'm not going to complain, because I enjoy the events, and mingling with other collectors is always a nice way to spend an hour or two on a Saturday morning. I've met some quality folks, EACH time out. That's worth something.

I will say this, though: I appreciate the event for what it is, and there was NEVER a promise or guarantee of a Treasure Hunt for everyone, each time. It is what it is. With K-Mart struggling mightily to keep up with Wal*Mart and Target, who knows how many more of these events are left? Their stores have been shutting down all over the country, and the writing is on the's only a matter of time before they're ALL defunct. Then, we might be wishing for the old days, when we at least had the opportunity to crack open cases!

Until next month...

Neal Giordano Founder/Editor

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