The Hot Wheels Garage: 23 September 2011

September 23, 2011 (Special Edition!)--It started as an innocuous rumor on, but it was summarily dismissed as a fake or custom. A picture had surfaced of a metalflake brown 2012 '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee, but upon closer inspection, you could see that it had a chrome/black Lace-type wheel, with Real Rider tires. Rumors flew like wildfire, as it was fairly well-known at that point that this particular car of the same number (#84, or 4/10 of the Muscle Mania - Mopar series) was supposed to be orange. So, was it real? Most of us scoffed, at first. Why would a "Super" Treasure Hunt not have the prototypical green stripe, or say "Treasure Hunt" anywhere, like its 2012 '69 Chevelle counterpart? But, the details on the Coronet in question were very convincing, right down to the little "TH" logo on the front panels, and the brown paint still around the factory rivets. If this car was a fake, it was a VERY good one!

Fast forward, a few days later. More rumors about the Coronet flew, mainly concerning that this could be a "new", discreet way of issuing Super TH's into the line: disguising them with regular series cars, but with special paint jobs and tires, and NO blister card markings whatsoever. Still, collectors weren't quite convinced.

This Coronet was primarily being found overseas, so it was still difficult to ascertain how real it was. Then, more than one showed up on eBay, followed by an issue finally being sold here in the U.S. It was also further validated by a seller in England, who had one on a short card. It was suddenly being found with more frequency, and selling for big bucks on eBay, topping out at around $150.00, or so. Now, I don't have an ear to the wall at Mattel, but with all of this "evidence", I'm pretty much inclined to believe that this could very well be the "new" way of issuing Super Treasure Hunts into the 2012 line. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but where there's smoke, there's fire! Time will tell, of course. Mattel has yet to release any details on the Coronet, and has been staying VERY quiet on the subject. I'm guessing that, as of the date of this column, we'll find out more details within the next month or so.

So, that brings up the next debate: was this somewhat of an effort on Mattel's part to develop a deterrent to Supers being snatched from cases before they hit the sales floor? Maybe. But, I'm of the mindset that if someone is hell-bent on pulling these cars out of the cases, they're going to do it, regardless. There's enough info flying around regarding Supers and what's "hot" for those who have the opportunity behind the scenes to pull what they want. They're going to KNOW, regardless! It may take an extra couple of seconds to look through the case, since there won't be the telltale green stripe, but they'll find what they're looking for.

So, how do I feel about this potential new "Super" Treasure Hunt, if it turns out to be what it appears to be? I actually LIKE this idea. It brings a new element to the hobby and provides another chase, of sorts. Now, that being said...I've literally found ONE Super TH in the wild, since they first started appearing in 2007. So, I'm guessing that I'm not much of a threat to find ANY of these, regardless of the nice attempt to make them more discreet! ;) WHATEVER this Coronet turns out to be, it's a SWEET car, nonetheless. I'm hoping to snag 5 years, or so. Until next time, happy hunting!

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