The Hot Wheels Garage: 17 September 2011

September 17, 2011.--Fall is definitely in the air, and the cooler weather brought us another K-Mart "K-Days" event! The North Carolina store I'll be recapping is the Western Boulevard location, on the N.C. State campus. It should be noted that this store was NOT our original destination; my son and I actually went to the Kildaire Farm Rd location in Cary, only to find out that they were liquidating the store, and wouldn't be holding the event! Well, we discovered this at 8:45am, so I knew we only had 15 minutes (or less!) to get to the next nearest store. We JUST made it; they were pulling tickets and handing out cases as we walked in. We got our tickets, and miraculously had one of them called out for a case. Lesson learned, here? Call ahead to ensure that your store of choice is participating, before you actually go! The Cary location was on the list of stores, but it wasn't scheduled. We almost missed out!

Anyway, on to the actual event. The crowd was made up of some good folks, and there were 2 master cases for about 12 people. Once our ticket was called, it was pretty much "go as you will." The previous location would allow you 5 minutes and your choice of 5 cars, and then the next round of tickets would be called out to go through the opened cases. Not the case, here. Once you got a case, you could pick and choose at your leisure. Odd situation, really...especially when you consider the other folks who weren't picked.

Upon opening our case, the first car that jumped out at us was the extremely well-done '71 Mustang Boss 351 from the Street Beasts Series. This was followed by the much-anticipated New Model A-Team Van, and then a regular Treasure Hunt '59 Delivery. But, hold up...was that another green stripe in the box? Sure was. For the first time EVER, I pulled out a $uper '59 Delivery. This is the first one I've ever caught in the wild, and it was found in the same box as a Regular. At previous events, it was rare to find ONE $uper. I think a total of 2-3 were found at this particular event. Going through the rest of the case, we ended up pulling the New Model Ken Block Ford Fiesta. After everyone opened up their cases, we went through the remains to look for variations and whatever else caught our eyes. I picked up 2 more A-Team Vans, the Aston Martin One-77, and the orange 2012 Muscle Mania '69 Super Bee. We finished by snagging the Faster Than Ever AMC Javelin and Nissan 370Z, with the new FTE2 wheels, along with a couple of the cool VW T1 Drag Bus E-Sheets. I ended up giving one of the A-Team Vans to another collector who really wanted one. That being said, the talk of the day was DEFINITELY the '71 Mustang Boss! As far as I know, they were only one to a case, but I'm sure it'll become more prevalent, down the road.

All in all, it was a killer case that we pulled. I wasn't able to find 20 cars that I really wanted for the T1 Drag Bus promo, but that's ok. I'll get more in the next few days. Since there are no cars that I want out there at this time, I'm just going to get the rest and ship the loose cars to Duke Children's Hospital. They'll get more use out of 'em than I ever would! A few of us mingled after the event, and it seemed that everyone had a good time, getting a least some of the cars they came for.

On a side note, this was my first exposure to the new FTE2 wheels. I'm honestly trying to like them,'s not happening for me. Maybe they'll grow on me, and maybe they won't. But, as of right now...I'm not even on the fence with them. I'm thinking the design might've looked a little better if it was surround by more tire, instead of the gold chrome reaching all the way to the edge of the tire. A minor issue, really. The event was still rewarding, and I highly recommend the event to collectors interested in picking up some HTF stuff!

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Neal Giordano Founder/Editor

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