In 1999, Mattel began to "retire" castings by issuing them in one last run and giving them premium paint jobs and wheels. Some castings were obvious choices, but others drew the ire of collectors everywhere. Either way, this set was met with both enthusiasm and discontent, all at once! The reality is, some of these castings never looked better than they did in their Final Run.

Only three models were retired in 2002.

Quoted values are for CARDED examples that are also still in their original clear packaging. Cards less than NM, or missing the box will obviously command a lesser value than listed, depending on overall condition.

Note that the NCHWA utilizes a pricing method called "Star Value©." Instead of specific dollar values, each car will be assigned a Star Value© to indicate rarity and potential price range. There are simply too many variables to place a "set" value on any model, so a range will be used instead to indicate where that particular model may fall on the secondary price scale. A +/- indicates where on that scale the value is approximated, while a number by itself would indicate the value falls in the middle of the Star Value. This is also an easy quick-glance method to determine rarity; the higher the number, the rarer the car. The value chart will be placed at the bottom of each page.

Option: Click the button to the left to download a printable copy of the Star Chart for easy reference (Microsoft Word or equivalent program required for viewing or download). It beats scrolling up and down when you're pricing your cars!
2002 Final Run Series
Star Value
Porsche 928
#1 of 3
a) Black body with chrome windows, pinstripes on hood and chrome Star Pro Circuit wheels
Cement Mixer
#2 of 3
a) Green body with Final Run logo on mixer and chrome hub "Cement Mixer" Real Riders
Firebird Funny Car
#3 of 3
a) Orange/white body with Final Run logo on roof and chrome hub GoodYear Real Riders

1 = $1-5 2 = $6-15 3 = $16-25 4 = $26-35 5 = $36-50 6 = $51-70
7 = $71-90 8 = $91-110 9 = $111-130 10 = $131-160 11 = $161-180 12 = $181-200
13 = $201-220 14 = $221-240 15 = $241-270 16 = $271-300 17 = $301-330 18 = $331-350

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