Gallery of Past NCHWA Club Cars
This section will contain pics of every club car that was ever produced for the North Carolina Hot Wheels Association. Each of these cars were a culminated effort on the parts of MANY, and none of them could have been completed without their time, efforts and skills. Each car is a testament to their dedication. Be sure to scroll all the way down to see some "behind the scenes" pics of how the Mini Cooper and Evil Twin were made!

2009 NCHWA Dodge Demon, Limited to 20

2003 NCHWA Evil Twin (SummerFest '03) Limited to 150.

2003 Evil Twin packaging (Dinner Edition on right limited to 25)

2002 NCHWA Twin Mill, (Special) Limited to 10.

2002 Twin Mill packaging

2002 NCHWA Rodger Dodger, Limited to 120

2002 Rodger Dodger packaging

2002 NCHWA Mini Cooper, Limited to 120

2001 NCHWA '56 Ford, Limited to 50

2001 NCHWA Blastlane, Limited to 75 (This was a really tough Trade Show, as it was only 4 days after the September 11th tragedies. Hot Wheels kinda took a back seat.)

1999 NCHWA Dairy Delivery, Limited to 35 (Our first Club Car ever!)

Making of the 2002 Mini Cooper

Stripping the stock paint. Messy, huh?

Closer look at the stripping process

Nice clean look, and ready to paint!

Making of the 2003 Evil Twin

Sent bare from the Mattel factory...saved time and fumes!

Primered and ready for painting

With drilled posts and checking for fit

Special Edition made for HWC Administrators...slapped some Real Riders on!