Frosted Oat Mag Wheels With Marshmallow Cars!

I think many of us can relate to Saturday mornings when we were kids; was there anything better than sitting in front of the TV to watch cartoons, with a big bowl of cereal?  Not to me, there wasn’t.  I’d watch my favorites, ending with “The Bugs Bunny Show” at 11:00, followed by some WWF matches.  Then, it was off to play outside for the rest of the day.  I have a lot of fond memories of those Saturdays!

Around 1990, Saturday mornings would become pretty special for kids who loved Hot Wheels.  Ralston, a cereal company (among other things) released a Hot Wheels-specific cereal named, aptly, “Hot Wheels.”  I think I bought a box or two back in the day, but I honestly can’t remember if I liked them or not.  But, one of the best things about it?  You got a free Hot Wheels car as the “prize” in the box!

Now, I don’t know about you, but getting the prize out of the cereal box was a fight with my sister, on a normal basis.  We’d go tooth and nail for whatever it was.  But, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have gone for these, simply because she despised Hot Wheels.  If these had been around during my childhood, it would’ve been a snap to snag them all. Provided, of course, that I could’ve talked my mother into it.  Let’s face it:  Most kids’ cereals back in the day were all sugar, so your choices could easily be predicated on what prize was in the box!

Anyway, these car promos are easily found on eBay today, and they’re pretty affordable, with an average secondary value of $5.00 or so.  Sometimes, they’ll be higher; other times, lower.  But, they’re out there, should you decide to chase after them.  Unless, of course, you still have them from your childhood, or your own kids’ childhoods!  :)  Pictured below are some of the ones that were available. Do a search on eBay, and the rest should come up, with many still in their original baggie.  It might just bring you back to a time when Saturday mornings were fun!

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