Batman Gets Recognition as a $uper Treasure Hunt!

Well, this should get interesting on the secondary market!  Batman and Treasure Hunt fans alike can celebrate the release of the 1960′s T.V. Batmobile as a $uper Treasure Hunt!

I’m not sure where this one will end up, value-wise, but initial sales on eBay have the loose (you know, the Malaysian factory versions!) Batmobiles selling anywhere in the $66.00 to $126.00 range.  Crazy, for sure.

Batmobile Super Treasure Hunt

So, what’s the long-term value projected to be on this one?  It’s hard to tell, for now.  As any knowledgeable Treasure Hunt collector knows, the values on ANY $upers tend to be highest upon initial release, then experience a major decline in value as the “new” factor wears off, and more become available.  BUT….this one isn’t just any old Treasure Hunt.  It carries the Batman lineage, which will endear it to collectors…who, in turn, may continue to bust out their wallets to drop high bucks on this one.

I don’t anticipate this one being any different from the others before it…a decrease in value will most certainly affect it within a couple of months, but I also believe that the theme of this model will keep it slightly above the other 2016 issues.  It’s definitely one of the more anticipated models, for sure!

It also doesn’t hurt that the potential blockbuster “Batman vs Superman” movie is coming out soon, either.  In any case, good luck finding one!

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