NCHWA Redline Central: 1977 Redline Tracks & Accessories

Mattel didn't issue many sets during the final year of the Redline tire. A line of motorcyles named Mean Machines was added, and garnered tremendous popularity. The most popular set was the Thrill Drivers Corkscrew Race set, which utilized two Torinos in white and red which are difficult to find today, and fairly valuable.
Track Sets 6-Packs Mean Machines
#9676 Double Scare Speedway
#9793 Thrill Drivers Corkscrew Race Set
#9876 Turbo Blast 600 Race Set

#9855 Classic Machines
#9856 Truckin' Machines

#9869 Yamaha 400
#9870 Honda 250
#9871 Honda 750
#9872 Honda Superwedge
#9873 Chopper Cycle
#9874 Police Cycle

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