NCHWA Redline Central: 1975 Redline Tracks & Accessories

Following the lean year of 1974, 1975 would prove to be no different. But, one set stood out: the Thundershift 500 set, where your Monte Carlo Stocker and Torino zipped around the racetrack, powered by a handcrank that you had to time JUST right in order to keep it going. If you missed...your car went flying. Very cool set!

Sets/Accessories 6-Packs
#7672 Cutoff Canyon
#7673 Thundershift 500
#9084 Country Life Play Set
#8827 Collector's Race Case
#9031 H.E.L.P. Machines
#9032 Street Machines
#9033 Fun Machines
#9034 Streak Machines

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