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1/22 Hot Wheels News! The Easter Hot Wheels series will continue in 2016 at Wal*Mart; keep an eye out for them soon! ~Neal
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The Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt Price Guide and the Hot Wheels VW Bus Price Guide can be purchased through Amazon by going to my Amazon Author Page here!

The Treasure Hunt Guide is also available at the Barnes & Noble website as well. The VW Bus Guide should be available there, too.

2/1 Site Update: All you Winter-haters rejoice...Spring will be here soon! (So will the pollen...ack.) Updated the 2016 Price Guide to reflect the new "G" case releases. I should have most of them in, but there may be a few more to go. As always, thanks so much for supporting!


New Article! "Mystery of the Cadbury Range Rovers! If you're unaware, these relatively average-looking 1991 Range Rover Promos are selling for $600 to $1,100 on eBay. Why? Check out the article "A Sweet Mystery", and learn about alleged sinking cargo ships during Desert Storm and other reasons that spur these models to sell for big bucks! Good luck finding one!

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