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3/13 Hot Wheels Breaking News: Uploaded a pic of the latest $uper Treasure Hunt..check out the '76 Greenwood Corvette!
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2/11 Site Update: Looks like we're flying through another year at a frenetic pace. The "F" cases will soon be upon us, and I've gone ahead and updated the 2014 Price Guide with the newest "F" releases. Think I've got 'em all, but if I've missed any, they'll get added soon. Also updated the VW Bus Guide as well, to include the 2014 Oak Brook Bus. Thanks for visiting! ~Neal

January 14th Edition of Collector's Corner: Redline Grading Calculator! Ever wonder why several sellers advertise their Redlines as "Mint", when they're clearly not? Or what the "C-Scale" is? Or how to grade your own Hot Wheels? We'll take a look at these issues and go into a much more accurate way to grade your cars. Try out the new Hot Wheels Calculator! It's now a permanent feature here at

Check out the Redline Gallery, where I'll feature some of the most highly-sought Redlines in as many different colors as I can find. This section is going to be a work in progress, but there are a bunch of models and pics that have already been uploaded. Keep checking in to see which car gallery has been added!

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